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Make the office layout fitness-friendly

Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health, recently conducted research that shows corporate employers have doubled spending per employee on health and wellness-based programs and incentives since 2009.

With workplaces finding that investing in employee health and lifestyle services is good for business overall, offices can make environmental enhancements to their office layouts to keep workers healthier, too.

To encourage physical fitness, install a bike rack outside the building for cyclists who want a greener commute. If a company has the space and budget, the business might want to add some walking paths around the property. A brisk walk invigorates the body and mind, which can improve overall productivity.

Another way that employers can break up a sedentary workday is to add some standing desks. Set up different stations throughout the office so that some tasks can be completed standing up. Although it will not take the place of exercise, taking breaks from sitting is beneficial to the body.

Make sure the office's break room has a refrigerator installed so employees can bring their own food and snacks to work, reducing the temptations of the corner cafe's pastry counter. And finally, if the office still has a vending machine stocked with sugary sodas or junk food, uninstall it or replace the options with healthier alternatives.

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Reduce depression at the office

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Strike the right chords by balancing office sounds

The recent German study "Office Acoustics: How to effectively design the room acoustics of offices" found that sound management is becoming the primary concern for many office layout designers. According to study authors Catja Hilge and Christian Nocke founders of an acoustics consulting company, the rising popularity of open, collaborative work spaces can cause intellectual [...]

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Choose complementary color schemes for the office

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Find the right office space on a budget

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The right office furniture can prevent carpal tunnel

According to several studies, regular contact with hard work surfaces can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. To help prevent risk, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website reports that using a well-designed desk that is adjusted properly can minimize muscle pain that arises from awkward exertions and repetitive motions.When purchasing office furniture, remember that [...]

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Reduce work-related stress with an organized office layout

A recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that more than one-third of U.S. workers felt overwhelmed by ongoing workplace stress. The APA's research found that due to these feelings, one-fourth of employees polled called in sick to take a mental health day as a result of work-related stress.To reduce stress in the [...]

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Design the office layout to reduce distracting sounds

According to a recent Swedish study, employees placed in a noisy workspace experienced up to a 10.6 percent drop in their work performance. Distracting sounds at the office are often a top concern for workers, and many employees believe they would work more productively if office noises were reduced.Fortunately, there are several proactive moves a [...]

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4 things to consider before choosing office furniture

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Tips for office furniture care

One of the best ways to make sure office furniture is an investment that lasts is to take proper care of it. Clean, well-care-for business furniture makes a positive impression on clients and visitors. Before purchasing cleaning products, keep in mind that leather, metal and wooden items require different types of care. Use alcohol-based cleaner [...]

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