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BYOD trend helps workers with productivity

Bring your own device or "BYOD" has become a common trend in the service sector as it quickly helps electricians and heating, ventilation and air conditioning personnel receive work orders. Rather than drive into headquarters every morning for work orders, these employees can gain access to company software on their own devices.

According to an article in Forbes, BYOD technology has been around for quite some time and is here to stay. In a corporate space, employees can also bring their own computers, smartphones or tablets for work-related tasks. These gadgets are not provided by the employer, and instead workers spend their own resources for cross-functional tools.

In fact, BYOD has taken off internationally. In Brazil, 75 percent of all workers bring personal devices to work and 44 percent of staff do the same in Russia.

Imagine this: A graphic designer at a company has her own workstation with a PC computer. However, she is accustomed to completing her work on a Mac and wants the flexibility to bring her own device into the office.

While employees have their own workstations with computers, ergonomic chairs and filing cabinets, they may want to integrate some of their own technology for a more efficient day. In these setups, workers' own devices can access company information, software and various internal applications. Staff members enjoy flexibility as they can access work documents on the go, while employers benefit from constant connectivity and increased productivity.

Casual dress codes can improve employee morale

In an effort to increase collaboration among office staff members, business owners have been adapting open-plan floor layouts with the use of desk workstations. According to CNBC, it has been increasingly common since the 1970s and 1980s for companies to use fewer private offices and instead shift to collaborative work spaces. Inc. Magazine also noted [...]

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How to use whiteboards throughout your office

As you shop for used office furniture, you will inevitably need a shared writing space that promotes brainstorming and a space for presentations. Not only are whiteboards easy to clean, they are also multi-purpose. While whiteboards can offer teams the chance to throw out new ideas for a client campaign, they are also used for [...]

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Individualized design for your Pompano Beach office space

Creativity can be the key to the longevity of a Pompano Beach business. When employees can harness the ability to produce innovative products and services, companies thrive. Employers can help workers tap into their productive spirit in a variety of ways. Inc. magazine has compiled a list of critical factors that can inspire employees to [...]

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Creating a home office in an unconventional space

These days, many employers are allowing work to be completed at home office workstations. For those that lack the necessary room, many have turned to creative alternatives to make up for the lack of square footage.Unconventional officesIn recent trends, people have redesigned closets, pantries and other small nooks into office space. While this option may [...]

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Easy tips to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome has dropped off the radar of many mass media outlets, but it's still important as ever. Help your employees prevent getting the illness by helping them learn healthy working habits. This is especially important if your staff uses the keyboard during the bulk of the workday.Any employee that performs repetitive activities should [...]

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Tips on setting up the right location for your business

Starting a new business is an exciting venture. There are so many different aspects that go into preparation and planning, that choosing an ideal space may not be given much thought. However, it's vital to the success of both fledgling and established companies.Here are the most important areas to consider when choosing an office:NeighborhoodCompanies that [...]

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Balancing the workplace to benefit introverts and extroverts

The word is out about how collaborative offices can fuel creativity. But a balance must be achieved to cater to all types of employees. Not matter what field, people prefer to work differently based on their personality.Introverts aren't necessarily shy like people might think, but they need a solitary space to gather their ideas. In [...]

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Study reveals government office furniture may not be ergonomically efficient

A study conducted by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine took a look at 465 workstations in a government office. Over an 18-day period, they discovered the majority of the business furniture wasn't designed for prolonged work or tasks that involved a mouse. Additionally, the study revealed 35 percent of participants [...]

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Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami-area city clerk's office

Government offices are the foundation of a thriving city. They help keep citizens safe and allow them to complete tasks efficiently. Like any private or public entity, it's important to have the right business furniture to maximize employee productivity. Here are the types of furniture to help a city clerk's office and other municipal buildings [...]

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