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​Office Furniture for a Miami-Based Newsroom

Newsrooms are bustling environments filled with journalists and reporters doing their due diligence to break the latest stories. Their office needs to be planned in a layout, which supports their fast-paced workflow. Since the modern world is filled with networked systems and computer-based work, each workstation should be equipped to handle such technology. Additionally, colleagues need to be easily accessible for instant collaboration and feedback.

Office Workstations

Print and online newspapers have often had open floor plans, even before office design trends moved in that direction. Bench workstations are perfect for newsrooms. Because many of the tasks are completed digitally, not many traditional storage options are needed. These workstations can fit laptops and computer monitors easily.

Ergonomic Chairs

When reporters are on a strict deadline, they may rack up a lot of hours seated behind their desk. This is why ergonomic chairs are so important. They are set on wheel casters, allowing the flexibility to move around the office to chat and collaborate.

Lounge Seating

Trends are also moving to full-size break rooms modeled after cafes. These offer writers and photographers a brief respite from the daily grind. Outfit these with assorted sofas, coffee tables, couches and guest chairs.

​Picking the Right Furniture for a Miami Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies are filled with a variety of departments. The creative branch writes copy and draws graphics. The account executives act as sales professionals working toward landing new clients and maintaining established relationships. Then, if the company is large enough, there are a variety of managers supporting each department. To ensure each branch of the company has what it [...]

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Sourcing Economical Furniture for a Miami Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are special types of entities. Instead of being profit-driven, they work toward improving the greater good. Some of these institutions help children while others want to eradicate disease. Because nonprofits are fueled by social causes, the need can be never ending. As a result, these organizations need to have effective office space to get their work done in [...]

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Office Design for a Miami Investment Firm

The economy is beginning to improve and as a result more people are returning to the stock market. Investment firms are made up of financial planners, who know the ins and outs of the industry. They study market trends and advise people when to buy and sell. These offices are a few of the remaining types of businesses that [...]

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​Furnishing New Retail Office Space in Miami's Midtown Neighborhood

Miami's commercial real estate market is experiencing the rebound of the economy firsthand. In recent years, developers have flooded the area to build new retail properties in previously dormant areas. Namely, the city's Midtown neighborhood has seen an uptick in development, particularly by New York based firms.Midtown is near the coast and is surrounded by artsy districts. The influx of [...]

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Miami's Design District Sees an Uptick in Commercial Real Estate

It is a fact that Miami is a hotbed of real estate growth. According to Florida Trend, many developers are flocking to the area to take advantage of trade and port projects. The influx of activity is not confined to the usual areas. New parts of the city are being sought after for commercial purposes.Miami's Design District used to only house [...]

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Picking the Right Business Furniture for Miami's Wynwood Art District

What was once a warehouse-filled manufacturing district of Miami is now a bustling art mecca. In the last 10 years, Wynwood has seen a stark change in demographics. The neighborhood contains 70 art galleries, retail shops, and bars. Additionally, every Saturday there is a large open-air street festival where local crafters showcase their work.Wynwood is [...]

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Office Design for the Modern Hotel and Travel Company

The skyline in Miami's Midtown district is becoming more crowded as businesses construct new buildings. From business headquarters to mega malls, to hotels, new skyscrapers are popping up like daisies. When it comes to the hotel and travel industry, Arquitectonica has revealed the first of its renderings for a new Midtown hotel. According to Curbed Miami, the building features a geometric [...]

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​Miami's Airport District Is a Hub for Class A Real Estate

Miami's airport district is in the backyard of the city's international airfield. Like many neighborhoods surrounding major transportation ports, it is a hub for development, featuring new hotels and office buildings.Blue Lagoon Drive is just west of the airport and serves as the watering ground for corporate and commercial real estate. "Blue Lagoon is one of Miami's 'go-to' submarkets for major [...]

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​Finding the Right Business Furniture for Your Sunny Isles Beach Oceanfront Office

Sunny Isles Beach is one of South Florida's most coveted locations. It is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. The small urban town is filled with beaches and towering structures.The recent upswing in development has mostly involved residential buildings. More young families are choosing Sunny Isles Beach as a full or part-time home. Collins Avenue is the [...]

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