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The Best Books On Growing Your Money And Business

Learn how to be successful in your business.Todays treat is a little different. Without someone to guide us and teach us the value of holding on to money using it to make more money, were likely to spend and spend it on useless junk. Buying these books is not a waste of money, it can be what takes your business and finance to the next level.

We are here to help, guide and provide our experience in business, consulting and growth. We don't just sell furniture here, anyone can do that; it's what we do different that matters. Feel free to contact us or come by our showroom. We would love to meet you.


Millionaires, or anyone good with money, think differently than people who don’t have any or who can’t hold on to what they have.

Eker’s book strives to get to the bottom of this, explaining that everyone has a “money blueprint” embedded in their brains that, more than stock knowledge and investment skills, determines how you are with money.

Your childhood experiences make up this blueprint, but Eker feels you can identify and change it at any time, making financial success far easier.


Because making and saving money is such a huge part of life, its principles can also apply to non-monetary facets as well.

Hill’s book makes that perfectly clear, as his tips and tricks can certainly help you get rich (hence the title,) but also help motivate you to succeed wherever you are. Ken Norton, a boxer who broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw in 1973, en route to handing The Greatest a rare defeat, credits Hill’s books for motivating him to be the best he can possibly be.


Schwartz’s book is a great motivator for both money and life purposes.His idea is that people succeed only if they’re optimistic, believe in themselves, find something positive in even the worst failure, and generally assume that, in the end, they’re going to win.

And he’s right — very few people successfully save if they constantly think they’re going to lose everything at any time.

Convince yourself you’re a winner, and your bank account will follow suit.


Ramsey and Cruze’s book reminds us that nobody’s born knowing how to save money and invest properly — it’s up to others to instill those principles in the younger generation.

Luckily, kids are informational sponges, so if you instill these good values early on, they’re more likely to stick than if their broke selves were forced to learn them later on.


Hardy’s book has a very simple thesis: every little decision you make in life, even ones that don’t seem like anything at the time, has a “compound effect” on every other part of your life.

Even the smallest screw up, if left unchecked, could send your life (and finances) into a tailspin at any time.

Hardy aims to help you turn every decision you make, whether it be a large-scale investment or choosing to eat out at a pricey restaurant versus cooking a large pot of stew that will feed your family for a week.


Kiyosaki tells the story of two fathers: his own (who was highly educated but never made a lot of money), and his friend’s (who left school in eighth grade but is now a millionaire).

The idea here is that financial success is determined not simply by what you know, but how you apply what you know.

As Kiyosaki points out, a high-schooler with $50 who successfully invests and turns that money into $5000 is smarter than someone with a PhD who has $50 and spends it all on pizza and candy. A funny tale but true nonetheless.


Dave Ramsey rides on one very simple, and yet complicated, rule: don’t incur debt. Yep, you might be late to this one but it's a great read or listen. I have this book on audio.

No loans, no credit cards, a mortgage only if you absolutely positively have to — pay with cash every time, and avoid the bottomless pit of interest-incurring debt.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your bank account grows when you’re not paying random fees to everybody else.

Hopefully this can short list of many amazing books can help you expand your business and finances. If you have a favorite book drop us a note and we will post it in the future with an updated list.

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