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Layout and furniture tips for a health care clinic

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As the times change and technology advances, health care clinics must be updated so that they offer the latest equipment to patients. Additionally, remodeling will be necessary from time to time in order to work in the latest design trends that help make people more comfortable.

Last year, the Mayo Clinic revamped its rooms. After observing how patients and doctors interacted in their outpatient clinic, the organization developed Jack and Jill rooms. The clinic realized that only a portion of time spent in the room was for physical exams. However, there were many medical tools housed in the space that researchers felt limited communication between the health care provider and patient.

The Jack and Jill rooms have two conversation spaces on each side of the exam area.

"Physicians like having a place to talk to patients where they can see the monitor and include family members," reads the Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation Design Thinking page. "Physicians also found that having an exam room without the couch desk allowed the bed and tools to be rearranged, making the physical exam easier for them. And the increase in conversation rooms allows for more patient visits."

Small changes like what was done at the Mayo Clinic can be beneficial to the relationship between physicians and patients. Here are some other tips to organize a health care clinic:


Even if a health care clinic adopts the Jack and Jill room model, what you put inside them is also important. For example, the guest chairs need to be plush so patients and their family members are comfortable during their visit.


When revamping an inpatient room, you need to think of the long term. Patients may stay at the hospital for a week or longer, so they should have their basic needs met. Sometimes they or their family members need to get work done, so a writing surface is important as well. When revamping the administrative wing, consider adding benching office workstations to save space and allow employees to communicate easily.


It's also a good idea for there to be some form of lounge furniture in patient rooms, like a sofa or arm chair. This helps make a hospital stay less of a burden and more of a relaxing experience.


Color does wonders to give people energy and keep their spirits up. So instead of choosing gray or beige tones, incorporate vibrant hues into the design. Green is a vitalizing color and can be utilized through either potted plants or a wall color.

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