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How to add creative flair to cubicles

When it comes to business furniture, cubicles tend to elicit very different reactions from people. Some like the privacy they get from cubicles, while others aren't fans of the popular design. If business owners and employees fall into the latter group,here are a few tips and tricks to spice up cubicle spaces and improve the work atmosphere.

Change up the lighting

According to Forbes, office-dwellers shouldn't feel locked in with overhead fluorescent lighting. Office supervisors can provide standing lamps with a soft shade to encourage employee productivity.

Get rid of the grey

When people think of a cubicle, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind are grey cubicle walls. Some people are happy with this view, but there are a few easy ways to customize the walls, too. According to Life Hacker, employees and supervisors can make changes as subtle as pinning small postcards and pictures to walls, or as bold as covering walls with colored fabric.

Bring it to life

Plants and living things like a low-maintenance betta fish immediately bring more excitement to any workspace. Business owners can encourage workers to customize their cubicles and enjoy the brand new view.

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How to use office furniture to get fit

Office workers often complain that their energy begins to taper off in the afternoon. in worker productivity, an employer may to need to look no further than the office furniture to inject some life into the workplace. Investing in ergonomic chairs may help employees feel more alert, comfortable and energized.In addition to using ergonomic [...]

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How office furniture makes an impression

Most businesses intend to put their best foot forward when it comes to bringing clients and guests into the office. Though some employers spend a good deal of time carefully selecting the office furniture, others are not aware that a workspace can speak volumes about the company. Outlined below are several ways in which the [...]

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Tips for branding an office space

An office space can support a company's message by reflecting the organization's brand. Although the word may bring to mind the images of a Nike or Apple logo, a business's brand actually describes how a business is perceived by the public - what the company sells and values. A strong and consistent brand message can [...]

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Office furniture industry booming in the southeast

The office furniture industry is on the rise, according to an IBISWorld industry report. While high levels of unemployment and lack of growth have hampered all sectors of the U.S. economy, office furniture is back in high demand as the country recovers and businesses expand. The southeast region of the U.S. in particular is [...]

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Office furniture tips for firms

Many firms in the South Florida area are experiencing growth and need new office furniture. According the South Florida Business Journal, Miami ranks 14th for the growth of firms, and the city experienced a 27.1 percent increase in firms over the last 16 years. Interior design firms and art galleries are especially popular businesses in [...]

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Expanding businesses need new office furniture

As building permits have been on the rise over the last couple of years, office furniture sales are expected to follow this upward trend. When businesses begin expanding and hiring employees, more office space is generally needed, and employers seek ways to acquire affordable and comfortable business furniture.According to The Miami Herald, the unemployment rate [...]

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Design an effective home office

The prevalence of mobile technology enables more people to work from home than ever before. As more professionals work as independent contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs, and as more small-business owners bring home projects, many are working out of their places of residence.Choosing business furniture to use at home is different than choosing pieces for a [...]

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How to preserve workers' energy at the office

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, business furniture, the office layout and the technology used at the workplace all may have an effect on workers' energy levels. People who work in office settings sometimes report they feel a slump in energy between 3 and 4 p.m., which reduces their productivity. Fortunately, there are several [...]

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Storage solutions for the office

Small businesses sometimes struggle to find space to store everything at the office, which can make it difficult to keep the workplace clutter-free. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks available for business owners that may help preserve space and create a more comfortable environment. Keep space openSectioning a workspace off with multiple cubicles or [...]

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