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Balancing the workplace to benefit introverts and extroverts

The word is out about how collaborative offices can fuel creativity. But a balance must be achieved to cater to all types of employees. Not matter what field, people prefer to work differently based on their personality.

Introverts aren't necessarily shy like people might think, but they need a solitary space to gather their ideas. In contrast, extroverts need much more sensory stimulation, which includes working in groups to brainstorm.

Workers need a range of spaces for both group and individual work, according to Chris Congdon for Fast Company. The key is sensory control, which helps employees complete tasks at their discretion. Allowing employees to control their conditions - including lighting, temperature and sound levels - can contribute to employees' success.


Break rooms are being modeled after coffee shops, offering a range of seating options for people to connect at various levels. Introverts might want to work individually, yet be in a noisy environment, while extroverts might use it as a hub for collaboration and sharing ideas.

Custom office workstations for individual work, offer a variety of workstations to promote flexibility. At times a small desk with an ergonomic chair will do, and in other instances workers might be most productive sitting at an office cubicle.

Study reveals government office furniture may not be ergonomically efficient

A study conducted by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine took a look at 465 workstations in a government office. Over an 18-day period, they discovered the majority of the business furniture wasn't designed for prolonged work or tasks that involved a mouse. Additionally, the study revealed 35 percent of participants [...]

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Sourcing the right furniture for a Miami-area city clerk's office

Government offices are the foundation of a thriving city. They help keep citizens safe and allow them to complete tasks efficiently. Like any private or public entity, it's important to have the right business furniture to maximize employee productivity. Here are the types of furniture to help a city clerk's office and other municipal buildings [...]

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How to have fun with office layouts

Adding fun and edgy elements to your office workstation does not have to cost a large amount of money. If you want your staff members to take a break and collaborate with colleagues, set up the office space in a way that is conducive for interaction and inspiration.Fun names for conference rooms: Even the most [...]

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The ultimate ergonomic workstation for your Miami home office

Whether someone is a home-based entrepreneur or has the luxury of working remotely, office workstations should be ergonomic. Unlike their more traditional counterparts, home offices are furnished by the user. So they can be equipped for maximum comfort.Desk injuries There are a number of ways to become hurt at your desk. Repetitive strain injury is [...]

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Setting up the break room to boost employee morale

It's important not to downplay the benefits of a break room. Not only does it give employees a chance to take a few moments away from their office cubicles, it allows them to recharge for the rest of the day. This breaks the monotony of work, which promotes a clear head.Not sure what makes up [...]

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Contemporary furniture trends for your Miami office

The world is moving at a fast pace, forcing companies (and their furniture trends) to keep up. Staying on top of contemporary models of office workstations can help employers find more efficient ways of conducting business.Look to other cutting-edge office layouts to gather inspiration. While technology plays a big role in the modern workplace, some [...]

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Small space solutions for backroom offices

Not all companies operate out of standard office spaces. Some, like grocery store chains and restaurants, might only have a small room or corner to dedicate to a desk and chair. When this is the case, it's important to maximize space to support productivity.Here are some suggestions on how to find the best business furniture [...]

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Redesigning the C-suite for the modern world

In a time when office layouts are changing to encourage a natural flow of collaboration, C-suites must evolve as well. Chief executive offices, sometimes referred to as "silos," are moving toward closing the gap between themselves and the rest of their workforce.According to Susan Saltonstall Duncan of Rainmaking Oasis, studies show that the silo office [...]

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Smart storage solutions for a Fort Lauderdale home office

Working remotely is becoming ever more popular these days. According to The Charlotte Observer, 1 in 4 American households have home offices, which equates to 26 million residences. However, it's unknown how many of these workstations are optimized for productivity. One way to operate more efficiently is to have smart storage solutions. Streamline Modern technology makes it [...]

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