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Choosing the right office furniture for a reception area

According to The Ledger, eye specialists are buying office space in Florida to serve a wider range of customers. When new practices open, they often need new office furniture to accommodate clients and guests.

Tips for furnishing a reception area

The waiting area is one of the first things clients see when they visit a business. Although the style and decor of the reception area may depend on the industry, using business furniture that appears professional and attractive can benefit any organization.

Reception workstation

As the front desk is typically one of the first pieces of business furniture a visitor lays eyes on, a business owner may want to invest in a quality reception workstation. A distinctive front desk that is kept clean may make a positive impression on guests and benefit the business. Before making this essential purchase, a business owner may want to seek the advice of a professional office layout designer to assess the space - especially since there is a wide variety of desk sizes and shapes available. Choosing a circular front desk may benefit some offices, while selecting one with built-in storage drawers that preserve space may benefit tighter quarters.

Keeping the reception workstation organized is important to maintaining a positive appearance. Although some files today are stored digitally, many documents still require manual writing. To keep papers organized and out of sight, filing cabinets are a critical component to the front desk area.

In addition, businesses that have customers fill out forms may want to make sure the desktop provides additional stable space where clients can complete paperwork.

Guest chairs

As office reception areas typically experience a good deal of traffic from visitors entering and exiting throughout the day, a business may want to make sure it chooses durable furniture that can withstand a good deal of use. In addition, the business owner will want to make sure the reception area's furniture is comfortable, especially when clients may spend some time waiting.

Comfort is an especially important factor to consider when choosing chairs for the reception area. As a result, the business owner may want to invest in guest seating that is cushioned and has a strong back. Upholstered chairs with armrests may give guests the support they need to remain seated comfortably during the waiting period.

A practice that specializes in caring for children, such as a pediatrician's office, may want to invest in some smaller chairs that are kid-friendly and put a small play area in one of the corners of the waiting room.


An office may want to add some attractive side tables or a coffee table to the reception area so visitors have somewhere to place items. In addition, the business may want to spread out some magazines or other reading materials on tables to give guests something to browse through during their wait.

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