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How office furniture makes an impression

Most businesses intend to put their best foot forward when it comes to bringing clients and guests into the office. Though some employers spend a good deal of time carefully selecting the office furniture, others are not aware that a workspace can speak volumes about the company. Outlined below are several ways in which the office layout and business furniture may affect the perception of clients who visit the space.

Client and customer care

An office space filled with furniture that looks ill-maintained, dated or downright broken presents an unprofessional image. The client may intuit that if the company cannot care for the office, it probably cannot cannot care for its customers. Clients may fear the organization will treat business in the same careless manner, disregard people's concerns and overlook details. Investing in good ergonomic furniture and keeping it properly maintained, clean and polished can make the right impression on potential clients.

Clutter can cut deals short of closing

A cluttered or messy office can also leave a bad impression. Offices with garbage piled up and papers spilling out of filing cabinets may make a business owner seem disorganized and inefficient. A client may worry projects will get lost in the shuffle or never be completed on time. A messy office space does not mean that the owner is bad at business; in fact, the opposite may be true. The business owner may be better than the competition, but the disarray can create a false impression that deters clients from closing the deal.

Clashing impressions

Mismatched office furniture and clashing designs can also give visitors the wrong impression. An office that looks like it picked all its furniture haphazardly from the cheapest vendor available may come across as unprofessional and inexperienced. Even a brand-new startup can create a professional image without spending a bundle by purchasing high-quality second hand office furniture and having an expert office layout designer assess the space.

Dated offices

Finally, outdated equipment and business furniture can create the wrong perception, especially if a business prides itself on cutting-edge innovation. An office owner may want to make sure appliances, electronics and furniture are modern and relatively new. Having an up-to-date office communicates to clients that the company is aware of current trends.

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