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How to preserve workers' energy at the office

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, business furniture, the office layout and the technology used at the workplace all may have an effect on workers' energy levels. People who work in office settings sometimes report they feel a slump in energy between 3 and 4 p.m., which reduces their productivity. Fortunately, there are several ways a business owner may be able to counter this issue.

Create a comfortable office space

According to Laura Stack, a productivity expert and author of the book "SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best," the human body does not adjust or get used to pain, poor lightning or office temperatures that are too hot or to cold. A misaligned chair or cheap furniture that causes discomfort takes workers' minds away from their tasks. The constant distraction wears on the mind and takes away a significant amount of workers' energy.

In addition, dim or flickering lighting not only causes eye strain, but also forces a worker to expend more energy on focusing. A business owner may want to consider using ergonomic chairs and plenty of lighting for improved worker productivity. Using climate controls to keep the room at a reasonable temperature may also boost workers' energy. Hiring a professional office layout designer may help a business owner set up an office space that is efficient, which may preserve workers' energy.

Reduce noise

A constant stream of noise that may arise from the cacophony of clattering keyboards, complaining co-workers and loud conference calls may distract workers, raises blood pressure and causes headaches. To reduce the stress of distracting noises and increase employee energy levels, a business owner may want to instal wall-to-wall carpeting and sound-reducing tack boards to buffer echoing sounds. Carpeting also softens the clatter of foot traffic. Employers who notice office workers struggling with distractions may want to suggest they try using earplugs, headphones, or noise-canceling headsets while working at their desks.

Update technology

Computers that load slowly, fax machines that no longer work properly and printers that are always out of ink all slow workers down and drain energy. Keeping appliances up to date, supplies stocked and using a high-speed internet connection saves time and can improve productivity. Oftentimes, being too plugged in to multiple mobile devices can drain workers' energy as well. An employer may want to encourage workers to turn off gadgets for improved focus and concentration at work.

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