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How to use office furniture to get fit

Office workers often complain that their energy begins to taper off in the afternoon.

in worker productivity, an employer may to need to look no further than the office furniture to inject some life into the workplace. Investing in ergonomic chairs may help employees feel more alert, comfortable and energized.

In addition to using ergonomic office furniture to boost employee wellness, leveraging business chairs to take quick exercise breaks may help workers stay healthy as well.

An Entrepreneur article recently outlined some energy-boosting stretches office members can try right at their desks:

1. Twist the Torso

While seated on an ergonomic office chair, an office worker may want to gently twist their torso to stretch the spine. Keeping both feet flat on the floor, a worker can take a deep breath, twist slowly toward the right and hold the back corner of the chair while keeping the head and shoulders relaxed. Twisting only as far as it feels comfortable, the worker should exhale after maintaining the pose for five breaths and then switch sides.

2. Strengthen the Back

Another exercise that an employee can perform right in the cubicle is the upper-back extension. Keeping the navel pulled into the spine, a worker may want to interlace their fingers behind their head and slowly lean back three to five times with arms extended to the side to stretch the spine and strengthen the back.

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