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Office furniture tips for the real estate office

According to the South Florida Business Journal, Landauer Valuation & Advisory, a non-institutional commercial real estate valuation, research and specialty consulting firm recently opened a new office in Miami. As the housing industry begins to slowly pick up again, more real estate-related businesses may sprout up throughout the state.

Creating a comfortable office and reception area for clients and guests who are visiting a real estate office is important to business. Rather than choosing hardwood chairs with no cushioning, a business owner may want to consider purchasing guest chairs that offer plush seating and back cushions to make waiting more comfortable.

Although it may be appreciated, showing consideration to potential clients does not need to be expensive. A real estate broker may want to consider purchasing second hand office chairs. Investing in gently used, name-brand business furniture is cost-effective and likely to last longer than new furniture that is cheaply made.

Adding a coffee or end table to the reception area may also improve the waiting time for guests. The office owner may want to spread out industry-related magazines or the company's latest portfolio on the table encourage perusing.

Finally, the business owner will want to make sure all office area provide ample lighting as everyone is likely to be looking at pictures, paperwork and other material that requires proper illumination.

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