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Storage solutions for the office

Small businesses sometimes struggle to find space to store everything at the office, which can make it difficult to keep the workplace clutter-free. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks available for business owners that may help preserve space and create a more comfortable environment.

Keep space open

Sectioning a workspace off with multiple cubicles or partitions takes up space. They also may give the office a more cramped appearance. An open, more collaborative environment saves space and keeps the office from appearing smaller than it is.

Shelve it away

One thing business owners may want to try is covering one office wall with shelves. When properly organized and placed near a desk, the extra shelving can create an alcove effect. The shelves not only provide extra storage solutions, but can also give the office a cozier appearance. When choosing freestanding bookcases, a business owner may want to select higher bookshelves that utilize vertical space as opposed to wider ones. Anchoring the wall shelving with a couple of freestanding bookcases may bring the entire look together and optimize storage opportunities. Once the shelving and bookcases are in place, a business owner may also want to invest in some bookends to keep everything upright and organized.

A business owner may also want to install wall-mounted shelving or a binder shelf with railing above his or her desk to create additional space to store supplies. Using the shelves to hold and organize manuals, publications, books and miscellaneous items may help keep workstations free from clutter.

Think outside the box

Running a railing along a wall near desks and using it to hold smaller items is another way to use space effectively.

A business owner may also want to invest in some desk trays, baskets or other types of holders to keep business cards, stationery and other supplies that do not get filed away in one place on the desk. A diagonal tray can save space by keeping documents on one's work table vertical and on hand.

Use dual-purpose furniture

Using a desk that has shelves built into it or a cabinet that has a chalkboard on one side is an effective way to use the save space by using the area for multiple purposes.

Consult an expert

Hiring a professional office layout designer to optimize a space effectively may help free a business owner from worries regarding any storage issues.

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