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Stretches for the office

Ergonomic chairs are becoming as ubiquitous in the modern office as they are important. This is great news, according to the Spine-Health website, as ergonomic chairs are crucial to avoid back and neck problems, as well as eyestrain and issues as serious as carpal tunnel.

In order for an office chair to be the most beneficial to employees, seat height should be easily adjustable and range from about 16 to 21 inches above the floor. Seats should also offer optimal lumbar support to encourage the spine's natural inward curve. However, ergonomic chairs can't do all the work - follow these tips to learn stretches that will enable workers to be healthy, happy and productive.

Chin tuck

According to Mayo Clinic, to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders, start by facing forward at the office workstation, then gently lowering the chin to your chest and holding this position for 15 to 30 seconds. There will be tension in the neck and upper back, which is normal. Slowly lift the chin back up to the starting position, take a beat, then repeat.

Calf stretch

Stiff legs are a common side effect of sitting in an office chair all day, even with the best ergonomic chairs available. In order to remedy this, simply extend your leg beneath your desk horizontally from the body, and point the toes upward. You should feel a pull in your calf, on the back of your leg. Hold for 15 seconds, then relax and return the leg to a normal bent position. Repeat with the opposite leg, and feel nearly instant relief and increased flexibility.

Lower back

Lower back problems are among the most common complaints that cause Americans to consult doctors. To relieve minor aches and pains, try to lift one knee upward toward the chest by holding on to the thigh with interlocked fingers. Relax and bring the leg back down, then imitate the same motion with the other leg.

Take a walk

One of the most effective ways to quickly relieve pain throughout the day is to stand up and take a quick walk around the office. By exercising muscles and taking a break from the office cubicle, workers can increase circulation, which improves mobility and provides a nice break. Taking a stroll around the office or outside for even five minutes every hour can provide relief and send employees back to work with a refreshed body and mind.

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