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Call Center Furniture

Call Center Furniture

Now more than ever before, businesses across the globe rely on teams of customer service representatives to support business in many ways. This is commonly done on teams of tens, hundreds – perhaps even thousands – in call center settings, and call center furniture is imperative to businesses’ success as well as the success of call center staff.

When most people think of call center furniture, they may imagine rows among rows of unimaginative call center cubicles, uncomfortable chairs and boring, bland colors and themes, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With ergonomic safety at the forefront of many business owners’ and call center managers’ minds, it’s not uncommon to take into consideration employees’ needs and wants, especially because these employees are often sitting down, working at phones and computers for most – if not all – of their workdays and shifts.

However, for businesses that are just starting call center efforts or building a team of customer service representatives to work out of a designated office, there are a few considerations to take in mind when buying call center office furniture.

What kind of call center cubicle would be best for the business?

When buying furniture for a call center station, the primary consideration should be design. What tasks will the employees be responsible for, and how can layout and furniture make their jobs easier or more comfortable?

Since the employees will likely be seated for the entirety of their shifts, supportive and comfortable chairs will be a very important consideration – but it doesn’t stop there.

Call centers tend to be loud, filled with talking, clicking computer keyboards and plenty of other noises. As this tends to be distracting for multitasking employees, perhaps helping a customer on the phone, simultaneously inputting information into the computer and completing a checklist of business or job goals, noise-canceling cubicles and furniture are imperative.

Other call center furniture and layout considerations

Although call center cubicles and chairs are perhaps some of the most important considerations when designing a call center space, it is certainly important to minimize frustrating elements in the job as often as possible.

Many employees across all industries complain of screen fatigue, or strain experienced from staring at a computer screen all day with few breaks. Creating a call center space that is both conducive to the industry, job positions and employees’ mental help can boost productivity and worker happiness. Here are a few easy ways to turn a call center space into more than a room full of cubicles:

1. Use color to improve mood, performance

Just because call centers should be efficient doesn’t mean they should also lack personality. When designing call center spaces, business owners may choose to integrate colorful accents in wall colors, office accessories and furniture. Depending on the call center’s goals, color choices can promote tranquility and peace - think calming greens and blues - or positive energy by using pops of red, orange and yellow.

It can also be beneficial for call center owners and managers to encourage employees to decorate cubicles in ways that boost their personal productivity, whether that includes creating goal charts, eye-catching reminder sheets, or photos of pictures and artwork that make them happy and comfortable

2. Call center space should be well-planned

When rooms are full of cubicles, it can be easy for employees to create a pathway to important office locations – their desks, the restrooms and a break room, for instance – and never stray from it.

Although aisle size is an important consideration when planning call center workstations and furniture layouts, it’s equally important, if not more, to also plan spaces. Not only will this encourage employees to get out of their chairs and walk around, which is great for both their mental and physical health, studies have shown that breaking up the day with even a few minutes of activity and interaction can be the difference between suffering sales and boosted productivity.

Even when building or office space is lacking, business owners may dedicate space outside of the cubicle-filled call centers to employee break rooms, kitchens, or just a small space with a comfortable office couch to relax on for a change of pace.

Quiet areas are especially important in call center settings, as clicking keys and the constant buzz of co-workers talking on their telephones may be overwhelming for workers and ultimately affect the business.

Buy Used Call Center Furniture to Save Money

When growing businesses make the decision to start or expand call center efforts, it may be an overwhelming prospect to fill a space with all the furniture a productive call center requires. However, when buying call center desks, cubicles, chairs – even sound canceling items – it can be much more cost-effective to purchase high-quality used call center furniture.

Not only will secondhand call center furniture from Office Furniture Warehouse be better quality than brand-new assemble-it-yourself furniture, it will be sure to last as businesses’ call center efforts and needs grow and change years in the future.

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