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Paoli Coho Tables

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Product Description

CO|HO combines simple, inviting shapes, colors and materials with a design-neutral philosophy making it easy to add into any of your new or existing spaces.

Curved corners make moving around the table intuitive and natural as you collaborate.

With every height option, CO|HO allow you to shift from side to side, lean around corners, slide next to each other and connect without the impedance of harsh corners, poorly placed table legs or chair arms.

Product Specification:

  • Molded high density foam over a molded plywood seat structure.
  • Upholstered using dual-apex stitch sewing detail.
  • Optional Tablet Arm on P-1803 & P-1804.
  • Offered in 3 fabric paerns: Millennium, Tradition & Wooly.
  • Technology is available as an option on the surface or hidden below within easy reach. Choose from USB and standard power, or add HDMI to connect with a projector or monitor.
  • Neutral white columns turned 45 degrees sitting on polished aluminum feet blend seamlessly into the background, giving the knife-edge worksurface a floating appearance that allows CO|HO tables to coexist with existing furniture.
  • Conventional lounge surfaces sit too low, typically 19" high, forcing you to lean at an uncomfortable position to work on the surface.
  • We created the Working Lounge table height of 22" to make it easy to move your device from lap to table top while remaining functional as a work surface.


Other Details

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