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Steel & Metal Office Furniture

Steel & Metal Office Furniture

Office furniture and design are at the forefront of most business owners’ and office designers’ minds when designing office spaces. Although many needs stem from specific industries – medical centers, for instance, need more locking cabinets and filing options than, say, a small-sized shared office space – but the basics of design still ring true. High-quality, attractive furniture can improve the moods of visiting clients, patients, guests and workers, which can boost sales and productivity.

When considering design, there are plenty of options available, ranging from style, material, comfort level and color, but many designers and owners find the most success mixing styles to create a totally unique design all their own. This can be achieved by combining elements from different eras that are made out of several types of materials, and steel office furniture is a great option to do just that.

Just what makes stainless steel office furniture unique?

There are few furniture styles and material types that have the ability to look both modern yet retro, but steel office chairs and metal office desks are fit for the job. With modern TV shows and pop culture centering around office settings of the 1960s, retro furnishings are all the rage – and for good reason. Metal office desks, chairs and various metal furnishings are prominent features that looked just as modern in the ‘60s as they do today. Although stainless steel office furniture is built to last and will hold up for decades to come, it’s not necessary to scour rummage sales to find long-lasting furniture fit for any office space.

Design, investment benefits of steel office chairs and metal desks

Stainless steel chairs don’t have to be uncomfortable; instead, steel may act as a durable and modern accent to office lounge seating and guest chairs. The metal accents act as a neutral touch that work well with many office color schemes and styles, but the high-quality nature ensure the investment will last years in the future.

But while stainless steel office furniture certainly is a nod to attractive furniture design of the past, it can also be incredibly contemporary … it all just depends on the style and setting! Metal desks may include accents like steel legs or trim, or be made of mostly metal, perhaps with a frosted glass accent. This small difference doesn’t skimp on quality, but instead offers desks made of high-quality materials that will fit into just about any office, no matter how traditional or contemporary its furnishings.

Decorating with steel office furniture

Although office space and layout are always a major consideration when designing a workspace, it’s also important to decorate with guests and employees in mind. Because steel office furniture can effortlessly fit into just about any design scheme, there are some things to keep in mind:

1. Add pops of color for maximum effect

As metal and steel may be seen as neutral materials, it’s important to carefully consider color selection to stand out from the rest. Not only will this have an impact on the design scheme overall, it can also affect visitors’ moods and, ultimately, productivity and business success. Certain colors, such as on-trend Pantone colors of the year and seasons, may make steel office furniture seem more contemporary – perfect for a creative space or energetic work atmosphere - while rich colors like deep reds and gold can turn metal office furniture into a unique mix of modern and traditional, which may be fitting at a law office or consulting firm.

2. When in doubt, mix metal office chairs and materials

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of metal office furniture is its durability – it’s easy to move and lends itself well to years of use. But just because an office is already outfitted in a traditional design doesn’t mean it can’t also benefit from several metal office chairs. First consider the chairs’ intended purpose, who will be using them, and then think of ways to integrate it in existing design.

Used metal office furniture will last years in the future

A primary reason people choose metal and steel office furniture is that it lasts and won’t go out of style, so investing in used metal office furniture is a great option that can allow business owners and designers the luxury of high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost.

Especially when purchasing brand-new furniture for a complete design overhaul, Office Furniture Warehouse provides businesses options to create a budget-friendly office design that pays for itself in employee productivity, client satisfaction and the ultimate comfort.  

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