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Choose complementary color schemes for the office

One of the easiest ways to give the office a face-lift is with a fresh coat of paint. Before making any changes, a business owner can survey the office furniture and observe what color pallet will not clash with the rest of the space. Wood business furniture adds warm tones to a room and can look balanced against neutral colors. Metallic furniture can look complementary with brighter hues. Ultimately, preferences can hinge on the type of business conducted in the office space and the type of clients who visit.

Neutral Colors

When choosing a neutral office color scheme, keep the space cheerful by choosing plain colors that have warm undertones. For example, try using a beige shade with a yellow undertone. Calming colors such as moss green and taupe can help employees focus.

Bright Colors

An office's paint should not attract too much attention, and colors should not be so bold as to distract workers. However, some office spaces may benefit from touches of brighter colors. Adding an accent wall may help boost employee energy and mood. Bright colors should be used sparingly.

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