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Design the office layout to reduce distracting sounds

According to a recent Swedish study, employees placed in a noisy workspace experienced up to a 10.6 percent drop in their work performance. Distracting sounds at the office are often a top concern for workers, and many employees believe they would work more productively if office noises were reduced.

Fortunately, there are several proactive moves a business owner can make to quiet invasive sounds at the office.

One way a business can reduce the noise of foot traffic is by moving busy, highly treaded office areas away from work stations as much as possible. To rid rooms of sounds caused by squeaky shoes, clattering heels and footsteps, a business owner may want to consider installing wall-to-wall carpeting.

Another tip that might help is moving all noise-inducing office equipment, such as copiers and printers away from places employees need to concentrate. Encourage employees to silence or tone down the ringers on their phones and other devices and have an office policy in place regarding the use of speaker phones.

To buffer the reverberations of sounds bouncing off of hard surfaces, attach sound management tack boards to the walls.

Finally, when designing the company floor plan, hire a professional layout designer who can make sure the office building balances sound acoustic to reduce noise as effectively as possible.

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