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Reduce depression at the office

A recent University of Melbourne study found that workplace depression is on the rise. With more people experiencing longer days at work with increasing amounts of stress, how can an office help alleviate this epidemic? Luckily, there are several steps that an employer can take to ensure the office and its workers are more depression-resistant.

One way an employer can keep the office calm and productive is to encourage workers to practice some relaxation techniques at work. Even the age-old tip of taking a deep breath and counting to ten can relieve stress and refocus the mind.

Noise at the office can hurt concentration and increase stress. To dial down the commotion, it can help to attach sound management panels to the wall or allow workers to bring a white noise machine to the office.

Natural light helps to reduce depressive symptoms. Allow plenty of sunlight into the office space and use high-watt light bulbs that mimic daylight in lamps and desk lights.

Over connectivity also increase stress and depression. Encourage employees to turn off unnecessary mobile devices and wait to answer non-urgent personal emails until after the workday is over.

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