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Tips for office furniture care

One of the best ways to make sure office furniture is an investment that lasts is to take proper care of it. Clean, well-care-for business furniture makes a positive impression on clients and visitors. Before purchasing cleaning products, keep in mind that leather, metal and wooden items require different types of care. Use alcohol-based cleaner on plastic and metal furniture only, and purchase cleaning products specifically tailored to cleaning leather. A damp cloth may be used to wipe down treated wooden furniture, and a few swipes with furniture polish can make wooden surfaces glow.

Consider arranging the office so that leather business furniture is away from windows, as these items are susceptible to sunlight damage.

Having coasters available on wooden tables and desks may help prevent stains from coffee mugs and beverage glasses. In addition, using desk pads can prevents scratches on office workstations.

Make sure to avoid spilling when watering plants to avoid damaging furniture. Janitorial staff or cleaning service members should clean any upholstery thoroughly on a regular basis and check it frequently to make sure no holes or tears are present in the fabric.

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