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Friant is a manufacturer of high-end contemporary office furniture with reasonable prices. It was founded in 1990, specializing in installation and repair. Over the years it grew and developed into a recognizable brand with a great reputation nationwide. Friant office furniture is technologically advanced and up to date with modern office needs.


Friant work systems offer clean and efficient designs with modern flexibility. They are adjustable in height, which allows the user to sit or stand while working. Aesthetically pleasing designs are available in five tile materials: glass, fabric, perforated metal, whiteboard, and rail. Friant desks are also environmentally friendly, some of which are made out of 47% recycled content and are 75% recyclable after final use.


Ergonomic office chairs are an important component of any office. Friant offers a wide variety of executive chairs, task chairs and guest chairs featuring stylish 

designs and materials. Consider what is important for your workers based on the line of work. Friant office chairs have adjustable back and neck rests to reduce strains caused by long hours spent in a seated position. Consider acquiring office chairs with adjustable armrests and make sure to equip employees with chairs, which conform to the height of the user. Chose between more breathable mesh back chairs or create soft comfort with eco-leather backrests.

Friant in Media

According to the USA Business Executive, “Friant has been exceeding customers’ expectations for over 20 years.” “Friant’s overall business model is fundamentally different. Operating with a core group of employees – many who’ve been with the company for over 10 years…”

“Friant is a company built on hard work and customer service.”- says MMQB Contract Furniture News.

“One truly impressive distinction is the timeframe in which the company can provide its systems; while most product ships in three to six weeks, clients can receive orders in as little as five days. ” – says US Builders Review.

Used Friant Office Furniture

At Office Furniture Warehouse we proudly sell Friant new and used office furniture, such as used office desks, used office workstations, used executive chairs, used task chairs, used storage units and other used Friant office units. At our stores, located in Pompano Beach and Miami, you will find a variety of discounted low priced office furniture items and will get the best deal on the market. As the demand for used office furniture is high and our inventory keeps frequently changing, visit one of our showrooms or give us a call today at (954) 968-4700 to get the latest updates on what is in stock.


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