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Mayline Office Furniture

Mayline Office Furniture. Find New & Used Mayline Office Furniture

Mayline started in 1939 as an Engineering Supply company, manufacturing drafting tables. Today Mayline is an established contract furniture manufacturer of office desks, office tables, office storage, office seating, office technology furniture, as well mailroom furniture and drafting furniture. The brand brings multifunctional designs with clean lines and technology accommodating options.

Office Seating

Mayline office furniture offers affordable lounge seating for your guests' and clients' needs. Aesthetics and comfort play an important role in the making of Mayline office seating. Each guest should feel appreciated and welcomed when visiting a business. Glamorous and elegant genuine leather lounge chairs create the feel of sophistication and the sense of an inviting atmosphere.

Affordable office lounge seating will help employees take a break from their stressful work assignments, relax and recharge to better focus on the task at hand when returning to their assignments.

For employees, who spend long hours sitting down, make sure to provide comfortable ergonomic chairs with adjustable back and head rests. Mayline offers contemporary design living chairs, which move along with the user. Shift to the side or lean back and the chair will move along in sync, creating comfort and back support like no other product on the market.

For businesses meetings, events, banquet facilities and outdoor activities acquire high durability stackable folding event chairs with propylene seats and backs, high-strength steel tubing and double-riveted cross braces.

Office Tables

Office tables are a necessity for any office space. When holding a conference, having clients over, or gathering employees for a meeting, an office table will always come in handy. Browse the Mayline inventory for training tables, conference tables, and adjustable height office tables.

Long hours of sitting or standing in the same position are known to have a negative impact on your physical well-being. Certain Mayline table models are height-adjustable, providing the user with the ability to switch the height of their table throughout the day in order to keep their body active, as well as avoid muscle stiffening and strain.

Office Workstations and Desks

Having a team of workers creates the necessity for implementing office workstations. Mayline offers contemporary office workstations in traditional and unconventional shapes. The used and new inventory will provide working spaces for all of your employees. In order to optimize office space and promote collaboration, opt for contemporary benching workstations with high-quality finishes.

High-Density Storage

Mayline high-density office storage units come in various sizes. If you have high volumes of files being handled daily, but limited storage space, you will need to equip your workspace with mobile shelves, rotating shelves, flip-n-file, lateral filing cabinets, or heavy duty shelving. Get rid of clutter and improve document handling efficiency with high durability and reliable quality high-density storage units.

For architect, engineer and contractor offices Mayline offers wide top drafting desks with multiple storage drawers.

Used Office Furniture

If you are on a budget, consider checking out our inventory for used Mayline office furniture. At Office Furniture Warehouse we only sell high quality lightly used office furniture, which is still in very good condition. You will not be disappointed with our selection.

With our experienced and highly trained team of office furniture experts, we will help you with setting up your office and maximizing office space. As the demand for used office furniture is high and our inventory keeps frequently changing. Visit us at our Miami or Pompano Beach location, or give us a call today at (954)968-4700.

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